All stainless steel fittings. The metal components of Emergency Spoke are stainless steel and brass, giving long life and corrosion resistance.
The clamp design allows for easy and fully adjustable spoke length, a very secure grip and makes the emergency spoke fully reusable.

Dreacon sheathed kevlar. The flexible part of Emergency Spoke is 2.00mm multi-strand woven Kevlar® braid.
Kevlar® is an aramid fibre which is stronger than steel. Consequently it is extremely resistant to stretch and allows Emergency Spoke to maintain tension.

Rim attachment. Emergency Spoke is attached to the rim and fully tensioned with a standard nipple designed for a 14g / 2mm diameter spoke (this covers the vast majority of wheels). We supply a DT® chromed brass nipple (for a 3.25mm spoke key), or you can use the existing nipple if it is undamaged, allowing you to fit Emergency Spoke without removing the tyre.

Hub attachment. Depending on location and hub type, Emergency Spoke can be attached to the hub by threading it through the spoke hole left by the broken spoke, or looping around the disc flange.
Due to Emergency Spoke's flexible nature, there is no need to remove the rear cassette or disc rotors, making roadside repairs quicker and easier.